Alí Allié (Writer/Producer/Director)

a57-1600-u1819-frAlí Allié produced and directed the first dramatic feature film relating to Garifuna culture and spirituality, “El Espíritu de mi Mamá” (Spirit of my Mother) which won awards at film festivals worldwide and is in wide home video distribution.  Alí’s technical experience as a cinematographer and editor combined with his anomalous insight into Garifuna culture create a unique and productive mix.  When not working on his own projects, he teaches multimedia at the Blazer Youth Center in South L.A., where he lives.


Bahram Nadimi (Camera/Sound)

bahram-on-sound-u2035-frStudied film production at DeAnza College and has produced theater, and promoted cultural events for many years.  He has been involved in the production of a few films including “El Espiritu de mi Mama”.  He is interested in promoting musical events and was once a road manager for a rock band.  His is currently a contributor of a website dedicated to blogs on harmony of science religion, and culture, civilization.